How to Fold and Store Bras

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How to Fold and Store Bras

When staring down that laundry pile, it’s beyond tempting to stuff it all in your drawers. But at the end of the day, taking gentle care of your clothes can make a big difference—especially for bras.

If you haven’t moved on from your middle school twist-and-fold method, it’s time for a bra care upgrade. From strapless to sportswear, here are the best folding and storage techniques to maximize your bra’s shelf life.

Folding Methods for Bras

Knowing how to fold bras is a lot like bras themselves, there’s no one-size-fits-all with folding. To determine the best method, start with one question: is it lined or unlined? These two structural categories will point the way towards the best technique.

Let’s explore what each bra type means and how to safely fold them.

Lined Bras

Lined bras always have some type of cup padding or foam (a.k.a., the “lining”). This gives them a more supportive or structured form, which can easily dent or crease if mishandled. One of the best ways to preserve a lined bra’s quality? Proper folding.

Keep your favorite pushup bra in tip-top shape with these folding techniques:

  • Clasp the hooks – Almost every lined bra (and non-athletic bra) has hooks that connect its band around your chest. When folding these bras, it’s best to fully clasp these hooks before storing them to avoid snags and holes. 

  • Lay it flat – When in doubt, the best folding method for any bra is not to fold. Laying your lined bras flat will help them resist any contortions or creases. Also, this method is best for stacking your bras in a drawer or container.
  • Clam-fold the cups– If it’s impossible to leave your lined bras unfolded, try the clam fold. Gently fold the cups to face one another, mimicking the shape of a clam. However, do not twist or invert the cups—that’s a recipe for dents and damage. 

  • Tuck the straps – No matter the fold you choose, you should always tuck the bra straps to prevent stretching. Neatly tuck them behind the cups (if lying flat) or in between the cups (if clam-folded).

  • Use stuffing material – For tight drawers and cramped spaces, compression can be an issue. Protect the molding of your lined bras with soft stuffing material. Socks, tissue paper, and even crumpled newspaper can help preserve the shape. 

Unlined Bras

Loose and flexible, unlined bras have zero padding or foam on the cups. This category can include anything from lace bralettes to bandeaus to sports bras. However, unlined bras can still have underwiring—it all depends on their function and design.

Without any structured padding, there are a few more considerations to take into account when storing unlined bras:

  • Inside-out storage – Without lining, delicate silk or lace bras become much susceptible to tearing or damage. Preserve your favorite bralette’s quality by turning it inside-out before storing it.

  • Clasped hooks & tucked straps – Similar to lined bras, you should always hook any clasps and tuck all straps to prevent snagging.

  • Underwiring – If your unlined bras have underwire, then sharp twists and folds are out the window. Instead, lay them flat or gently fold them in half to protect the underwiring. If underwire-free, you might be tempted to roll or twist the bra. However, stick with a gentle half-fold and stack neatly.

  • Sports bras – Most athletic wear is made from durable materials, like polyester, cotton, or lycra. This means sports bras can withstand more folding than most bras (although twisting and rolling are still no-no’s). To maximize space, tuck your sports bra’s straps, fold it neatly into quarters, and stand it vertically in your storage.

Storing Your Bras

What‘s the point of neatly folding your bras if you can’t find the one you want? For top-tier bra storage, it’s important to consider the location, organization, and size of your collection. Let’s dive into the best storage methods for keeping your bras protected and accessible.

Places to Store Your Bras

Sure, your trusty top drawer can hold those bras. But there are plenty more storage locations out there. Depending on your wardrobe and space, here are some places to safely store bras:

  • Drawers – Small, padded drawers are perfect bra containers. But for any larger or non-padded drawer, dividers are a must. These cloth-lined or plastic boxes fit neatly into your drawer to hold loose smaller garments. Make sure to leave enough room above your bras to prevent compression.

  • External containers – If you have a particularly extensive or fancy bra collection, a separate container provides all the protective space you need. Large cloth-lined boxes or chests can hold dozens of bras. Additionally, for travel or individual storage, hard-shell cases come in handy.  

  • Closet – Sticking with a minimalist wardrobe? Store your most beloved bras on a hanging shelf or individual hangers in your closet. A vertical “hanger chain,” where the hangers all attach, lets you see all of your options at once. 

  • How To Organize Your Bras

    Arranging a wardrobe is easier said than done. However, an organized space makes for an organized mind—and better use of your closet. The better you can locate your bras, the more likely you’ll use them equally. No matter their location, consider organizing your bras by:

    • Color
    • Type (padded, bralette, sport, etc.)
    • Size
    • Set (paired with underwear)

    Out with the Old: How to Create More Space for Your Bras

    Whether it’s T-shirts or comfy bras, we’ve all got our favorites. But if you can’t remember the last time you wore that itchy strapless bra? Save your wardrobe the space. Donate or recycle your old bras if:

    • You haven’t worn them in a year
    • The material is torn, damaged, or faded
    • The band is overstretched
    • The underwire is misshapen or torqued
    • They no longer fit

    Love Every Bra in Your Closet with Lulalu

    The more time you invest in properly folding and storing your favorite bras, the longer you get to wear them. 

    When you store your bras with care, they can stick around for years to come. It’s a small habit with big returns.

    Feeling like your current undergarment selection isn’t the right fit? With Lulalu’s versatile and quality designs, you’re sure to find a bra worth preserving. Take a peek at our collection for every racerback, bralette, and strapless design you’ll want to keep forever—the right bra will make proper care feel easy.


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