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How to find the perfect A-cup bra

Wondering how to find an A cup bra that really fits? You’ve come to the right place.

It’s time to put an end to gapping cups, slipping straps, and unnatural padding. Lulalu exists to give every woman with a small bust the comfortable, form-fitting bra she’s always dreamed of. With small bra sizes available in A, AA and AAA cups, our bra style guide and fit quiz will help you discover the absolute best bra for your needs.

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Which style is right for you?

The style and shape of your bra directly impacts how it fits and feels.


T-Shirt Bra

The Trustworthy Essential

T-Shirt bras are comfortable, versatile, and classic, much like your favorite tee. Designed for comfort, these bras are invisible under your clothes for a fit so perfect, you’ll forget it’s there.

TIP: For everyday wear, consider buying t-shirt bras to best match your skin tone so they are easily concealed.

Delilah 3D Image


Wireless cotton

Chloe 3D Image


Essential microfiber

Luna 3D Image


Wireless microfiber


Strapless Bra

The Invisible Boost

Strapless bras are a “must-have” item in every woman’s wardrobe to complete those glamorous off-the-shoulder looks. To achieve more wears from a strapless style, look for a bra sold with a pair of straps to easily convert your bra into a classic t-shirt or racerback, 'X' style, making it wearable three distinct ways.

TIP: Don’t fret about needing a different cup size for your strapless bra from Lulalu. Our strapless styles are true to the size of a classic strap bra thanks to our small cups. For instance, if your fit is a 36AA for a t-shirt style, you can order the same fit for a strapless style. Comfort won’t be sacrificed either with our purpose-built, microfiber band which does all the lifting so straps don’t have to.

Cora 3D Image


3-way convertible microfiber


Push-up Bra

The Subtle Shaper

Push-up bras are a go-to when you’re looking to lend some extra shape without compromising a comfortable fit. To achieve versatility from a push-up style, look for a bra sold with removable bump pads to create a non-push-up look, or have the ability to amplify just one breast.

TIP: Our push-up bras, like all Lulalu lingerie, are designed specifically for small busts, meaning our fit is guaranteed to provide some lift without overflowing the cup. The best style for you depends on your body type and style preference.

Zuri 3D Image


Wireless microfiber with removable bump pads

Zoe 3D Image


Underwire with medium-light padding and lace trim


Wireless Bra

The Euphoric Feel

Wireless bras feature next-level comfort thanks to zero underwire and are built for flexible, all-day wear. Look for styles with soft foam cups to provide the supportive shape and flattering style of a wire bra.

TIP: Wireless bras can be mistaken for loungewear, yet with our design technology, they’re anything but. Lulalu’s styles are guaranteed to provide ample support and coverage for a natural feel and look under clothing. You’ll wonder why you haven’t tried a wireless A cup bra sooner! To ensure a supportive fit, size your wireless bra to the same band size of a classic wired bra.

Delilah 3D Image


Wireless cotton

Alysa 3D Image



Callie 3D Image


Lace bralette

Zuri 3D Image


Wireless microfiber with removable bump pads


Racerback Bra

That X-tra Support

Racerback bras provide extra protection against slipping straps, while hiding seamlessly under tank tops and other styles that may not otherwise cover up traditional bra straps. For this reason, it’s helpful to have at least one on-hand so you don’t have to choose between your bra and your favorite clothes.

TIP: For extra convenience, Lulalu’s racerback bras feature a front closure making it easy to take on and off. Given a front clasp provides fewer band size adjustments than a traditional multi-hook back closure, we recommend your racerback bra fits snug when you first purchase it. This will ensure longevity through many wears.

Mia 3D Image


Adjustable with front clasp


Fashion/Lace Bra

The Playful Go-to

Whether decked in sultry lace or colorful prints, these bras allow for self-expression, whether you’re feeling playful, sexy, or anything in between.

TIP: Lulalu’s lingerie options feature multiple style types, from wireless to push-up, so we recommend first selecting your preferred bra style as listed in our product details before choosing your desired look and feel.

Alysa 3D Image



Callie 3D Image


Lace bralette

Paige 3D Image


Printed lace t-shirt bra


Common bra fit issues

Identify your fit frustrations, and learn how to fix them for good.



Many who wear A cup, AA cup and AAA cup bra sizes experience “bra gapping.” This refers to extra space between the bra and the skin, creating an unflattering look under clothes. If your bra cups gap, consider trying a smaller cup size. At Lulalu, we specialize in properly sized cups for smaller breasted women, and offer small cups with a wide variety of band sizes, from 30 to 38.

TIP: If a cup is gapping, but the band fits, consider going down a cup size.For example, if the cup on a 34AA is too big, try a 34AAA.


Slipping Straps

Lulalu bras are specially made for A cup, AA cup and AAA cup bra sizes, so straps don’t have to do much lifting for a flawless fit. If your straps are slipping, try tightening them.

TIP: If you’re still having trouble after tightening, consider trying a different bra style, like the strapless or racerback.


Uncomfortable Bands

If your bra band digs into your skin, your band may be too small. To remedy this, you can adjust the band and cup size, as the two values are related. Always remember that if you try a larger band size, you may have to go down a cup size. For instance, if the band on a 32AA is too tight, try a 34AAA bra size instead. The opposite is true as well. If you need a smaller band size but the cup fits well, you decrease the band and increase the cup size. For example if a 38AA fits well in the cup but is loose in the band, exchange for 36A.

TIP: Use the bra fit quiz above to solve for uncomfortable bands by finding your best fit.

Bra Care FAQs


How should I wash my bras? How often?

We highly recommend hand-washing our bras in cold water with a mild detergent. If you must machine wash them, use a lingerie bag, and choose a delicate setting on your machine. If your bra style features removable cups pads, please remove them prior to washing.

We recommend washing your bra after every two to three all-day wears.


Can I put my bra in the dryer?

Please don’t put your bra in the dryer, as it will break down the elastic, and shorten your bra’s lifespan. Instead, hang your bra to dry, and reshape the cups so they look great for your next wear.

TIP: If a cup gets bumpy or creased and reshaping by hand doesn’t solve the problem, use a steamer to pop it back into shape.


How else can I take care of my bras?

Store your bras by stacking them neatly in a drawer. Never invert one cup into the other – doing so destroys the fibers and shortens the life of your bra. When traveling, try stuffing other clothing items into the cup molds to help hold their shape, such as panties or socks.


What is the lifespan of my bra?

With proper care, it is recommended to replace your everyday bra after six to nine months to maintain proper support and fit. For lingerie that is worn less regularly, that time span can be prolonged depending on the fit.


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