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“During hormone therapy, I transitioned from B to A. Lulalu gave me the confidence to still feel beautiful and comfortable”

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“Finally, a fit! A perfect bra for my petite boobless body! I will never wear anything else! They are in all honesty LIFE CHANGING”

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“Lulalu offers something unique to the women that, I feel, have been left out of the picture for far too long!”

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“Being a petite woman with small breasts, I found it almost impossible to find a bra that fit me.”

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“Lulalu is a club of women who had the same need as I did – I love seeing other women looking and feeling beautiful and confident in their own skin.”

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“I am 74 years old, and have FINALLY found the first REAL bras that fit for a flatter female!”

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Together We Are Stronger

The importance of a bra is not lost on us;
We deserve the chance to feel attractive, comfortable and confident.
These intimates are for us. These intimates are for you.


"I had an explant at 40. Body-positive brands just didn't exist when I was younger, I’m so grateful for Lulalu!"

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"Discovering Lulalu was the culmination of a long journey. It took me many dark years to start loving how I was made."

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Our Story

Tailored to You

We recognize that not all women who wear AAA, AA, or A sizes fit the same mold. We make bras for real bodies, not just the conventional definition of "petite" sizing.

Uncompromising Comfort

We always put comfort first. All of our designs receive the highest levels of attention, care and testing to ensure a perfect, gapless fit, without excessive padding.

Curated Styles, Formed to Fit

For far too long, A-cup size bras have lacked the variety of styles seen in those further down the alphabet. It's our goal to design intimates that are as beautiful as they are comfortable.