“Lulalu offers something unique to the women that, I feel, have been left out of the picture for far too long!”


Getting to Know Courtney

Every month, we get to know a special Lulalu Lady and learn about the impact she’s making in her community. Today, we’d like to introduce you to -- Courtney!


LULALU: Tell us about yourself!

COURTNEY: Hey! I'm Courtney. I'm a wife and mama who spends her days working in genetics and staying active in any way I can. I firmly believe that we do not have to neatly fit into a box, we can do and be so many things and we SHOULD!

L: How do you connect with Lulalu? What is your favorite thing about the brand as a whole?

C: Lulalu offers something unique to the women that, I feel, have been left out of the picture for far too long! A large, augmented, chest has become a sought after norm in our society and I just love seeing women own their small chests, taking a stand against the idea that we must change ourselves in order to be considered feminine and beautiful.

L: How has life changed for you since the spread of the virus?

C: My routine is completely different. I'm definitely a creature of habit so I sat down and started figuring out how I could stay active from home. It's been a surprisingly positive experience! I've been sore every day and burning more calories than I usually did in my gym workouts! I've been sharing my workouts on my instagram if anyone wants to follow along and get some home workout inspo!

L: What are you doing to make sure that you’re caring for yourself and your family?

C: Creating a routine for everyone has been really important. The kids are doing crafts and lessons each day, having active time doing indoor obstacle courses or getting outside for walks and bike rides if the weather is good.

L: Any tips or words of wisdom to help other Lulalu Ladies get through this difficult time?

C: In a time like this, I think it helps to create some structure so you feel good and accomplished at the end of the day even if you were stuck inside. There's so many amazing things to do and learn, ways to stay active, etc. Create a plan each week of things you want to do and schedule time to do them. Hold yourself to that schedule! It will help you feel balanced and positive.

Thanks for sharing your story, Courtney!

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