“I believe every person should have a “go-to” brand that celebrates their unique body type.”


Getting to Know Michelle

Every month, we get to know a special Lulalu Lady and learn about the impact she’s making in her community. Today, we’d like to introduce you to -- Michelle!

LULALU: Tell us about yourself!

MICHELLE: My name is Michelle and I have two daughters (11 and 9). As a mom, my life’s goal is to make sure that I set an example for my daughters and teach them how to love their bodies as they are!

L: What’s a recent challenge that you’ve had to overcome?

M: Removing my 18 year old breast implants. I took them out because at nearly 40, I finally decided to love the body I was given. I also made this huge decision for my daughters.I felt that I couldn’t teach them to love their bodies if I didn’t love my own.

L: How has Lulalu helped you through your journey to become a role model for your daughters?

M: Lulalu is a body-positive brand. I believe every person should have a “go-to” brand that celebrates their unique body type. It didn’t exist when I was a young woman. I’m grateful for Lulalu!

L: Any tips or words of wisdom to help other Lulalu Ladies get through hard times in their lives?

M: Don’t miss the opportunity to be refined by the fire when hard times come. You will emerge so much stronger and wiser!

L: Thanks Michelle!

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