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Getting to Know Meredith

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But first, we’re so excited to introduce you to ...Meredith! 


"Discovering Lulalu was the culmination of a long journey. It took me many dark years to start loving how I was made.

But before we go there, I’ll share a little context about my life first. I like variety, and my 42 years have been filled with different experiences. I grew up a military kid. My parents, brother, and I moved around a decent amount even living for three years overseas.

My current weekdays 8-4 are filled with homeschooling our four super fun kiddos. But besides teaching my kids, my biggest passion is that one to three times a week, my early mornings are filled with mentoring women who struggle the same or similarly to how I did 17 years ago.

Around age 11, because of a variety of things, my troubles started. I was putting my identity and self-worth in very unstable, unsure, and hurtful things, but back then, from ages 11-25, I just deeply hated who I was, how I looked and basically everything at the time that I considered “me.” This landed me in an out of eating disorder treatment for 14 years.

Around age 22 and for the next three years, Jesus started healing deeply wounded places in my heart and mind.

While I started to view my body, small chest and all, as a blessing, I still HATED shopping for bras!

Nothing ever fit right for my barely A cup frame. While that didn’t make me hate my body like I used to by any measure, it was a bummer. About three years ago I had the idea to search the internet to see if there was anyone making bras for wonderfully made small chests. Enter, like a knight in shining armor, Lulalu!

I know it sounds silly, but I love putting on my bra in the morning now.

It just fits.

It’s just me.

It’s just good.

And it’s just fun!

For me, Lulalu was kinda like the final nail in the coffin of self hatred and I thank God for that.

Fellow Lulalu Ladies, though I hope you already know it, I want to declare you are wonderfully made! Though I’ve not had the privilege to meet you all, I’m thankful for you all. And I’m thankful that we have a company that celebrates how wonderfully we all are made too."


Thank you so much for sharing your story with our entire community, Meredith! We’re totally in awe of how you’ve grown and everything you’ve overcome. Thank you for the work you’ve done to help others clear the same hurdles of self-loathing that you’ve dealt with so gracefully over the years!


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“Please accept sincere thanks from this small-breasted hippie who found the first bra in her life that actually fits. Every time I breathe, I thank the Lulalu goddesses.”

Mary - Lulalu Customer

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