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Bra Fitting

Why do you use a different method to measure my bra size on your site?

We chose this method because it's simple and it works–no calculations required. However, we still recommend getting someone else measure you, to ensure accuracy. In any case, the best way to know whether a bra fits is to try it on.

Why do I need a bra if I am a AAA or AA cup?

AAA and AA customers find bras indispensible for a few reasons. For one, it's the coverage, i.e. when you don't want your nipples showing through clothing at the workplace, or other social occasions. Also, lightly-padded or molded cups add some shape, much more so than by going braless or wearing a bralette.

What bra style works best for small breasts?

Everyone is built differently, and cup size alone doesn't tell the full story. We recommend trying on different bra styles to determine which suits you best.

My bra cups gap and/or dent in. What do I do?

If you aren't filling out your bra cup, it might gap or dent in over time. In these situations, try a smaller cup size. Say you're wearing a 34AA and the band fits well, but it gaps when you bend over. That means you should try a 34AAA cup.

Why does my bra leave red marks on my body?

If your bra is leaving any mark on your body, it means the band, cup or both are too small. A bra should never leave any marks on your body. If it does, we recommend going a band size up or getting remeasured.

Why am I sometimes a different bra size?

Bra sizes vary across brands, and even within a single brand, different cuts, styles, padding, and fabrics can all affect the fit and sizing. What's important is finding a bra that fits you well, rather than paying too much attention to the size.

What do I do if the band is too tight but the cups fit fine?

If you find that the band is too tight on the outermost hook/eye but that the cups fit, then you likely need to go up a band size, while going down a cup size as well. In this case, you would go from a 34A to a 36AA.

What does it mean if the cups are too close together or too far apart?

Not all bras are going to fit everyone's body the same way. When a bra style may have cups that are too close together or spaced too far apart, you may just need to try a different style. Also, keep in mind that it could indicate you're wearing the wrong size.

I've nursed two kids and my breasts have shrunk and now hang lower. What kind of bra do you recommend?

A lot of moms who shop with us have this issue. When breasts shrink, there will be less tissue at the top, and more of it will sit lower. Demi cups, or any cup style that does not rise too high on your chest work best for this shape. For example, you may want to look for a T-shirt bra with a lower cup as opposed to a triangle cup that covers more of the body.

What should I do when my bra straps are slipping off my shoulders?

One way to keep your straps in place is to attach a strap or plastic device that turns a regular bra into a T-back. Alternatively, try a bra whose back straps are set closer, at a slight towards the hook/eye. Our products are designed in this style, and don't easily slip.

What do I do if I have one breast that's bigger than the other?

Generally, you'd want to go with a bra for your bigger side. Otherwise, the cup may cut into the top of the bigger breast, creating an unflattering double-breast effect. Depending on the difference in size, we recommend tightening the strap on the smaller side to close up the cup. When the difference is substantial, we recommend trying a bra with removable pads, removing the extra pad on the bigger side and inserting it on the smaller side.

Why does my bra not sit flush against my breastbone?

There could be a couple reasons. One has to do with body type–your breastbone area may be deeper, such that the center front of the bra doesn't lay flush. If you're wearing a wireless bras, it may lift off slightly in the center front area, since there's no wire keeping the bra down. This doesn't mean the bra isn't fitting right–it's just how wireless bras are. In most cases, this part of the bra won't even be visible anyway.

On what setting should I wear my hook and eye on my bra?

If possible, we recommend wearing it on the outermost hook/eye to start. This way, as your bra stretches, you can move into the next hook/eye, which will help prolong the bra's life. If a new bra only fits on the innermost hook/eye, it usually means the band is too big, and you should go down a band size. Similarly, if you're wearing a bra on the outermost hook/eye and it feels tight or leaves marks, you should try the next band size up.

The underwire on my bra is cutting into the side of my breasts.

If the underwire digs into your underarm area or other part of your body, this usually means the cup is too small and you need to go up a cup size.

Bras 101

I noticed that an item I recently purchased is now discounted. Can you adjust my price?

If your order was placed 48 hours prior to the promotional start date, please contact us and we will adjust the amount you paid.

Underwires are so uncomfortable. Why can't all bras be wireless?

The simple answer is that most bra styles need an underwire to stay on your body and lay well. The good news is, many of our customers found underwires painful or uncomfortable simply because they were wearing too small a band size. Once they tried on an underwire bra in the right size, it wasn't so uncomfortable after all. Another possible issue is if the underwire happens to hit a particular part of your body in an uncomfortable way. This may have less to do with the underwire, but rather the particular style of bra.

Is there one bra that fits everyone well?

Unfortunately, there's no one bra style that fits everyone perfectly. We're all built differently, and some bra shapes work better on some than others. The goal is to find bra styles that work for you and go from there.

How many bras should I own?

Every bra needs to be washed and rested, which helps the elastic revert to its original shape if you don't wear it for a few days. We recommend keeping at least two basic bras in rotation. Of course, for some outfits you may need something more specialized, such as a racerback or a strapless, which can help round things out.

Why do you focus on selling bras with lighter padding?

We learned early on that most of our customers were happy with their breasts and just wanted a bra that fit, and didn't gap or crumple. So, we set out to design bras that had light padding, and weren't about enhancement. While we do offer some styles with extra padding, the bulk of our bras keep it natural.

Why would I wear a bralette?

Bralettes can be polarizing. Since they're wireless, cupless, and made with light fabric, they're very comfortable, often giving the feeling that you're wearing nothing at all. Detractors would say they don't provide adequate shape, support or coverage.

Why is my lace bra itchy?

In rare cases, you may find a bra with lace trim or band irrates your skin slightly. Though we make every effort to source products and materials that are soft and comfortable, some lace materials may be irritating, depending on your sensitivity. Though keep in mind, as you wear the bra, the lace will soften and the bra will stretch, which will add some comfort.

My daughter's 12 and needs a bra. Which styles would you recommend?

It's our recommendation that young girls try bras designed specifically for their age group. Girls' sizing and fit is different from that of adult women, in terms of back shape and cup distance, which we unfortunately do not cater to.

Bra Care

I've washed my bra and now there are dimples and/or creases on the foam cups. How do I fix this?

Don't worry, your bra isn't permanently damaged. Assuming that you didn't wash the bra repeatedly in hot water or run it through the dryer, the quickest fix for this is to reshape the bra cups while the bra is still damp. Reshape and smooth out the cups into how you want it to look, hang it to dry. If you don't reshape them, the cups will dry misshapen. Alternatively, if you have a clothes steamer, you can try steaming the cups when the bra is dry which will help remove the creases as well.

How should I wash my Lulalu bra? And how often?

We highly recommend handwashing our bras in cold water. If you must machine wash them, we suggest you use a lingerie bag. Also, do not put your bra in the dryer as it will break down the elastic, which will shorten its lifespan. Instead, hang your bra to dry and reshape the cups, and it looks great the next time you wear it.

How long should my bra last?

The lifespan of a bra depends on how often it's worn, how often it's washed, and the method you use to wash your bra. Washing by hand is easier on the bra than machine washing. If you don't wear it too often and care for it well, it will easily last years

How should I store my bras?

Stack them neatly in your drawer. Never invert one cup into the other–doing so destroys the fibers in the molding, makes the cups bumpy, and shortens the life of your bra.