It’s never too late to follow your heart and make your dreams a reality.”

Meet our next Lady of the Month, Deborah!

Q: Tell us about yourself!
A: I’m 37 years old with a 3-year-old son. I enjoy live music, star gazing, camping, hiking, traveling, writing, crocheting, and spending time with my family and boyfriend. I have a garden and a bee hive. 

I live in Kansas but lived in Germany for 5 years, where I studied at the University and worked as a Kindergarten teacher. I have a Bachelor of Science in Education, a Bachelor of Arts in German Language, and am working on a Bachelor of Science in Geography/GIS.

Q: How has shopping with Lulalu positively impacted your life?

A: Shopping with Lulalu has made me feel more confident because I know there is a company that cares about small-chested women who still want to feel pretty.

Before Lulalu, I had to be happy with B-cups and sports bras. The Callie changed everything—I love how snug, comfortable, and flattering it is. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and sexiness!

Q: What is your favorite thing about the brand as a whole?
A: I like that Lulalu doesn’t try to be something they aren’t. The bras are well-made and sophisticated, offering a variety of options without excess frills. Lulalu focuses on tried-and-true designs that prioritize comfort and elegance.

Q: Any tips or words of wisdom to help other Lulalu Ladies feel inspired?
A: It’s never too late to follow your heart and make your dreams a reality.

I thought I should be grateful for what I had, even if I wasn't happy. Reading to my toddler about following my heart and working hard inspired confidence in me.

I pursued education part-time, secured a great job, and found a company that cares about women of all chest sizes! Now, I'm ending an unhappy marriage and starting a new romance with my middle-school sweetheart. I feel like the protagonist of my own story!


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“Please accept sincere thanks from this small-breasted hippie who found the first bra in her life that actually fits. Every time I breathe, I thank the Lulalu goddesses.”

Mary - Lulalu Customer

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