Getting To Know Mallory

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Getting To Know Mallory

This month, let’s focus on how we can shower joy and empowerment over ourselves and our loved ones.

Springing us into the journey of blossoming joy is our inspirational Lady of the Month!

Introducing…Mallory Martinez

Can you share with us the struggle you’ve faced?

Before having children, I finally felt good in my skin. I was a very late bloomer and was teased in adolescence for my delayed development, so it was such a relief not to be nearly as self-conscious as an adult. I could find bras and swimsuits that fit well.

But after breastfeeding both of my children, my breasts were nearly nonexistent. None of my bras fit anymore. My clothes didn’t fit properly. I felt like I was back in adolescence. I was at a loss as to what to do. Many women in my situation choose breast augmentation as their solution, and as an anesthesiologist, I often take care of these patients for their surgeries. While surgery can be a great option for some women, I was not willing to consider it for myself.

As a mother to a young daughter, I want to be a positive role model, and I want her to love herself and her body. I don’t want her to feel like she needs to change herself for others to see her beauty. 


How has shopping with Lulalu positively impacted your life?

Lulalu has made the process of buying a bra seamless. I don’t have time to shop for myself often, and shopping with two young children in tow is not pleasant, so I love being able to shop online. I always receive my bras quickly, and the customer service is fantastic.

Though I own nearly every bra offered by Lulalu, the Delilah cotton T-shirt bra is by far my favorite. It is so comfortable and looks good underneath my clothes. I love that Lulalu wants to empower small-chested women. It’s important to feel confident and beautiful no matter what your size. 

What makes you happy today?

Instead of worrying about my breasts, I spend my time and energy on things that bring me joy and happiness. I play with my children. I run outdoors. I eat chocolate daily. I read voraciously. I bake. I travel. 

Any tips or words of wisdom to help other Lulalu Ladies feel inspired or empowered?

There is no shame in having small breasts. Small breasts are beautiful, and thanks to Lulalu, you can feel comfortable and, dare I say, sexy in your skin! 



Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your journey, Mallory! 


Now it’s your turn to share your story with us! Are you inspired by Mallory’s story and feel connected to our brand? Do you have a Lulalu transformation that you want to share? Send us an email of yourself or someone you know who you believe should be the next Lulalu Lady. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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