“It's totally worth it to me to feel feminine and comfortable in my bra!”


Getting to Know Annelie

Our Lulalu Ladies are inspiring, empowered women who are always instilling us with a little extra shot of confidence. We hope you enjoy getting to know...Annelie!

Tell us about yourself. What makes you, you?

I'm a single homeschooling mother of 4 daughters, ages 19, 17,15 & 11

I've worked in transportation aboard a non-profit ship 2 years as a full-time volunteer, spent time as a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines, worked 6 years as a school bus driver and am now a newly certificated Commercial Pilot.

How has shopping with Lulalu positively impacted your life?

Gifted by our Creator with small breasts, I have struggled with my flat chest all my life.  In Junior High School the boys would tease and ask, "Annelie, where are your boobs?!" I have learned to accept myself and appreciate other curves that I have.

Since about 2014 I have worn the Delilah's and can honestly say I will never wear anything else from here on out.  One friend asked about the price, and nearly choked when I told her the cost.  It's totally worth it to me to feel feminine and comfortable in my bra!  Working in the desert heat makes me sweat a lot, and it helps to wear comfortable organic cotton.

What’s something you live by that can inspire others?

I might not have a sexy chest by Hollywood standards, but that's not the standard we should judge by. Instead, I’m focused on maintaining a perfectly healthy body, mind and soul!

Thanks Annelie! Keep on inspiring -- we’re cheering you on from all over the world.

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“Please accept sincere thanks from this small-breasted hippie who found the first bra in her life that actually fits. Every time I breathe, I thank the Lulalu goddesses.”

Mary - Lulalu Customer

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