“Having a bra that fits just right makes me more confident and capable of handling whatever comes my way”


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And now…

Meet Carmen!

"Hi, my name is Carmen, and I’m a home organizer, beauty junky, and minimalist-style-obsessed mom. If you ask anyone about me the first thing they’ll say is that I can do it all! It’s not that I have super powers – what it comes down to is that being accountable is incredibly important for me. I can go to work, come home and make dinner, go for a run, and then meet a friend for a drink. And I can do it all on time and with a great attitude! It’s this attitude that helps me conquer my everyday challenges."

How has shopping with Lulalu impacted your life?

"As a petite person, it’s often difficult to find the right sizes. So I was absolutely thrilled to find a bra that looks fabulous and feels like it was made for me, fit-wise. Having a bra that fits just right, and looks gorgeous on, makes me that much more confident and capable of handling whatever comes my way."

What is your favorite thing about the brand as a whole?

"My favorite thing about Lulalu is the authenticity behind the brand. It truly is a ‘no body type left behind’ type of community. Seeing real women model the pieces is a huge inspiration for me and is something that makes it easier for anyone and everyone to visualize themselves in a Lulalu."

Any words of wisdom for other Lulalu Ladies?

"I’m about to turn 48. I have given birth to 3 humans and you can bet that my body isn’t the same as it used to be, but this makes it even more special and beautiful to me. My advice to all the Lulalu Ladies out there is to embrace your body, and never compare yourself to anyone else. You are strong, confident, and gorgeous in your own unique way and that should be celebrated!"

“Please accept sincere thanks from this small-breasted hippie who found the first bra in her life that actually fits. Every time I breathe, I thank the Lulalu goddesses.”

Mary - Lulalu Customer

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