How to handwash your bra

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How to handwash your bra

We know, we know, we're always preaching about hand washing your bras! We realize it's 2020 and you may be asking yourself,  "Ok... but how do I hand wash a bra properly?" We have you covered with a step-by-step below (Save this blog for your next laundry day!)⁠

First of all, there are many benefits associated with hand washing bras including:⁠

  • The most sensitive parts of bras like foam cups and underwires are not distorted⁠
  • Hook-and-eye closures won’t snag on other items washed with bras to either damage those items or the bra closures themselves⁠
  • The excess water is gently squeezed away after hand washing instead of the water being forced out of the bras by the bras being smashed against the sides of a metal cylinder⁠
  • Hand washing keeps straps from fraying and helps prevent lace and embroidery from tearing⁠

Now on to how to properly hand wash a bra:⁠

  1. Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water⁠
  2. Add a lingerie wash as specified on the container (usually a capful will do).⁠
  3. Walk away and allow the bra to soak for 30 to 60 minutes⁠
  4. Return to the sink and instead of vigorously scrubbing the bra, ‘pump’ the bra in the water by pushing it up and down to loosen soil and get it really clean. Be gentle by kneading and rubbing the bra using your fingers to remove worked in soil. Take extra time around the underwire and the band where it tends to get the most soiled⁠
  5. Gently reshape the molded cups with your hands to fill out the cup shape⁠
  6. Rinse the bra under the faucet using cool water. Don’t forcefully wring the bra out but instead gently squeeze away the excess water⁠
  7. To dry the bra, hang the bra on a hanger and reshape the cups so that it looks the way you’d like them to look when they are dry⁠

Done! Have you hand-washed your bras? Share your tips with us in the comments! ⁠