How to Stop Your Bra from Falling Off

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How to Stop Your Bra from Falling Off

Let’s face it. There are very few moments in your everyday life where your bra falls off and that’s okay (maybe even desirable). The rest of the time, you expect a snug but comfortable fit that, most importantly, stays on your body for the duration of the day.

And you shouldn’t—in fact, you don’t—have to tug, shift, and constantly readjust to enjoy that.

There are several simple changes you can make that don’t involve gluing your bra straps to your shoulders. The right adjustment for you will depend on the initial problem. 

Causes of Bra Strap Slippage—And How to Fix Them

Just as there are no one-size-fits-all bras, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, either. Here are some of the most common bra-related barriers and what you can do to navigate them with ease.

Your Straps Are Loose

If your bra straps are simply too loose, there’s a chance that the solution is as straightforward as the problem itself: tighten the straps. However, you can only tighten and re-tighten your straps for so long until there’s no more bra strap available. 

If your straps get to this point, it could be because:

  • The bra is cheaply made with poor strap elasticity – There’s no shame in buying budget bras but this could be the reason why your straps keep loosening and slipping no matter how often you adjust them. Buying a well-made bra is an investment that pays off when you can make it comfortably through the day without any wardrobe mishaps.
  • The bra wasn’t washed and maintained properly – While straps naturally lose their elasticity, machine washing and drying can exacerbate the process. Instead, hand wash your bra in cold water then lay it flat to air dry, rather than hanging it. Laundry experts recommend washing your bra after two or three wears instead of every time you take it off—this helps elongate their lifespan. 
  • The bra has reached the end of its lifeWell, it’s been a good run, but even the best relationships come to an end eventually. Your favorite bra won’t be by your side forever. After about six months’ worth of wear, or if you notice your bra has lost its elasticity or structure, it’s time to say goodbye—and hello to a new bra!  

You Have Narrow or Sloping Shoulders

If you tighten your bra straps so that they fit snugly over your shoulders yet they’re still slipping off you, the issue might not have anything to do with the bra—it might be that your narrow, sloped shoulders aren’t compatible with certain bra styles.

The good news? You can always just change up the bra you’re wearing!

There are a lot of bra styles to choose from as well as ingenious inventions that change the shape of your straps and prevent slippage. 

Buy the Right Style of Bra

If you’re looking for new bras to buy, try styles where the straps are set closer together in the back:

  • Racerback – The straps on racerback bras meet in the middle between your shoulder blades. Rather than going straight back over your shoulders in two parallel lines, the straps form a V, which makes it virtually impossible for them to slip off your shoulders unless your bra is about four sizes too big. Racerback bras are also great for hiding your bra straps under certain sleeveless tank tops and dresses.

  • Halter – Unlike most bras, halter neck straps don’t attach in the back to the bra band at all. Instead, they attach to each other behind the neck, and that’s how they stay up. With halter bras, it’s literally impossible to slip off your shoulders, although you could still run into other slippage problems if the straps are too loose. Halters are also great for backless shirts and dresses because the straps don’t ruin the open-back look.

  • Select Strap Styles that Work for You

    Beyond shopping for specific bra styles, you can also hone in on certain strap types and options:

  • Find narrow-set, no-slip straps – You might find bras advertised as “no-slip” bras, which doesn’t tell you all that much about the bra’s construction. What “no-slip” usually means is that the straps are set closer together than usual in the back. If the average bra straps go over the shoulder blades, narrow-set straps usually fall between the blades. They may also be made with different fabric that has more grip—something more like the Spandex in athletic shorts that prevents them from riding or rolling up.

  • Criss-cross your convertible straps – Some bras have straps that detach in the back, including convertible strapless bras, which detach on both sides. With these, you can loosen the straps a bit then cross them by attaching the left strap to the right back hook and vice versa. Just like a racerback, the straps won’t be able to fall off. 

  • Clip your multiway straps together in the back – Multiway straps are present in versatile bras that can be worn more than one way. Rather than purchasing a separate racerback bra, you can simply turn your regular bra into a racerback style by attaching the tiny hook and eye in the middle of the straps. 

  • Try These Easy Bra Hacks

    Finally, there are a few easy (and inexpensive) gadgets that you can use to bring your straps together in the back that don’t require brand new bras:

  • Bra clips – Bra clips are flat plastic contraptions that have a divet on either side for you to hook each bra strap onto. They effectively function as multiway straps that are sold separately from the bra itself.

  • Bra strap holders – Like bra clips, bra strap holders also attach your straps in the back. They look like short, detached bra straps with tiny hooks on either end. You hook each side to the bra strap so that it lays horizontally across your back, effectively bringing the straps closer together the way a narrow-set bra would.

  • Despite all the tips, tricks, and gadgets, the best way to stop your bra from falling off is to purchase one that fits you like a glove. 

    Lulalu Bras: Prevent Slippage With Petite Fits

    Lulalu’s petite bras are made from high-quality materials with little chance of slippage, not because they use fancy hooks, contraptions, and strap configurations, but because they’re made specifically to fit the bodies of small-breasted people. 

    Our small sizes aren’t after-thoughts after appealing to the masses. They’re our specialty, which is why they’ll provide the best fit—no tugging, shifting, or readjusting necessary. 


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