So, I Can’t Just Wear A Girl’s Bra?

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So, I Can’t Just Wear A Girl’s Bra?

We know you’ve done it. Petite women alike have all conspicuously eyed the girls’ section of their local department store or Target looking for adult-like clothing finds. I mean, if you can save a few bucks by fitting into kid-sized Converse sneakers at half the price of an adult pair, then more power to you (and your wallet)! 

But when it comes to shopping among the racks of cotton, often polka-dotted, bandeau bras designed for young girls in lieu of the women’s A cup bra section, let us steer you and your shopping cart away. Fast. 

What’s Wrong With Wearing A Girls Bra? 

Girls’ bras, sometimes coined “training bras,” are designed just for that—to train girls on how to wear bras like a woman. To ease the anxiety that comes with having to wear one for the first time, bras for girls feature simple cotton fabrics, cute colors, and lots of elasticity to make room for development. Not to mention, their short life span in a tween’s drawer doesn’t add benefit to their quality. So why would a woman want to reach for a product that demotes them back in time to a woman-in-training? 

And fine, you may still be convinced there’s nothing wrong with wearing a striped, flowered, sold in a two-pack, girls bra. If that’s so, let’s get a bit more into the differences in how bras are designed for girls versus women. 

Consider Body Type

There’s a saying that children grow like weeds. So how do designers of girls’ bras accommodate their continuous plant-like development? Girls’ bras are designed to fit snug around their torso and along their backside. This is because at a young age, a girls’ back is straight and narrow and less-subject to develop as fast. Therefore girls bras are designed with elastic bands and are sold in standard sizes like small, medium, and large, based on width.

Focusing on a straight torso goes all out the window when designing for a woman’s body which curves in adulthood. This is where band-size becomes important in finding the perfect bra fit as women’s body types are like snowflakes—no two are the same. Hence why bra companies for women focus on offering a variety of band sizes, from 30 to 38.

Even if a girls’ bra is sold in women’s’ sizing, don’t assume it’s designed for the same fit. For instance, if a girls’ bra is labeled 34AA, assume the product will be smaller than a woman’s 34AA since it reflects the narrow torso size that the bra is intended for. 

If the undergarment features cups, expect major differences there as well. Cups in girls bras are typically set much closer together than in a woman’s bra. Just like with the torso size, these cup placements are intended for a narrow build. With close-set cups, the far sides of your breasts will be cut off, indicating a poor (and highly uncomfortable) fit. 

Consider Bra Style

Along with fit issues, girls’ bras are designed to appeal to their namesake—girls. That means bright colors, bows, and even sparkles. This leaves adult women with limited options to choose from when it comes to needing a nude t-shirt bra to wear under a work blouse, or a sexy black lace bra to wear in front of a significant other. Not to mention the lack of options when needing a strapless bra or convertible bra for specific items in your wardrobe. There are no “training” options for high fashion. 

So What Options Are There?

Now that we’ve steered clear of the junior’s bra department, let’s discuss what “adult” options there are for women with small breasts. While it sometimes feels impossible to find a bra that fits from the leading lingerie companies, hence why you entered the girls’ bra section in the first place, you are not out of options! 

Instead, shop from lingerie brands that specialize in designing bras for women who wear A cup, AA cup, and AAA cup bras, such as us at Lulalu. We promise you’ll never have to shop in the girls’ bra section again! 

Have you ever resorted to wearing a girls’ bra as an adult? Let us know your bra faux-pas stories in the comments below! 


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