What Are East West Breasts?

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What Are East West Breasts?

When it comes to breasts, east and west are more than just directions on a compass.

They also refer to a common breast shape called east west breasts. If you have boobs where the nipples point in opposite directions away from your chest’s midline, you probably have east west boobs. Usually, ladies with this breast type will also notice that their breasts settle outwards, which leaves a gap in the middle.

Breast shape is need-to-know information, just like bra size, even if it doesn’t come up in discussion that much. Not only can it help you fix common issues with bra fit, but it can also help you get to know your girls better. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about your east west breasts, so let’s dive in!

Breast Shape 101

While no two sets of breasts are entirely the same, they come in many common shapes, one of which is east west. Some of the other typical shapes include:

  • Round
  • Teardrop
  • Conical
  • Asymmetrical
  • Relaxed

All of these shapes are perfectly normal, and so are your east west boobs. So if you’ve been worrying that your breasts are different than everyone else’s, don’t fret—everyone’s breast shape is unique!

But why do your breasts look the way they do? Several elements can determine your boob shape, such as: 

  • Weight – Since your breasts are mostly fat, your current weight helps determine your breast shape. Additionally, if you gain or lose a lot of weight, your breast shape can change as your girls shrink or grow.

  • Genetics – Genes have the biggest impact on your breasts as they help decide the size, density, and development of your breasts—all things that affect their shape. This means that even if you lose weight or have hormone fluctuations, your breasts will only change a set amount because of your DNA.

  • Estrogen levels – Women’s estrogen levels can change a lot, as we’re sure you know! From pregnancy and menopause to the start of your period, your hormones can fluctuate massively. These shifts will cause a change in how your breasts look since estrogen is a key hormone for breast development and fat storage. 

  • Age – We all know that our breasts change as we get older—comparing old family photos through the years is enough to show us that universal truth. These alterations happen because of changes in your skin’s elasticity. As you age, the lack of estrogen causes you to lose glandular tissue in your breasts, which affects your breast shape.

So your breast shape isn’t decided by just one thing alone. All these factors together make your east west bust look the way it does.

>Why You Should Care About Breast Shape

Knowing about your breast shape can help you feel more confident in your boobs since you’re now aware there are lots of other ladies out there like you! But it does more than that. 

Breast shape is also an important component in finding a bra that fits you perfectly. If you’ve been dealing with fit problems even though you’re wearing the right size, you might be wearing the wrong kind of bra for your bust shape.

Finding a bra that's right for your east west breasts will help with common issues like:

  • Cup gapping
  • Not getting enough lift
  • Underwire feeling awkward
  • Boobs settling too fat apart

So stop suffering and find a bra that will properly suit your girls. And if you’re having more struggles with your bras than the ones mentioned above, you should double-check that you have the right fit as well.

Best Bra Types for East West Breasts

So what are the best kinds of bras for ladies like yourself with east west boobs? There are three main types of bras you should be looking into for proper lift, support, and bust centering.

#1 Underwire Bras

One issue women with east west breasts face is keeping them centered. Soft, underwire bras are generally a good way to tackle this issue since:

  • The underwire will support your breasts
  • The bra will keep them where they should be
  • The soft padding will make sure the bra doesn’t feel constricting

Underwire bras have so many different options to choose from. You can get a classic convertible bra, so it’s adjustable for any shirt or dress. It’s a great value since you’re getting multiple bras in one. 

Or, if you’re looking for a little more lift, you could try a pushup bra to give your bust a little more boost and shape. 

Underwire bras can also come in super cute lacy designs for when you want to feel your best—for someone else or just for yourself!

#2 Triangle Shaped Wireless Bras

If underwire isn’t for you, don’t worry! We know that not everyone loves the feeling of a wire pressing against their skin, the red marks you notice after taking the bra off, or the chafing that can sometimes happen. 

So if you’re not an underwire girl, you could also try a more triangular bra and get the same benefits. There are lots of classic bras available for this type of bra design. And if you’re all about comfort, brands like Lulalu have microfiber bras available for extra softness.

#3 T-Shirt Bras

There’s also nothing like a classic T-shirt bra for east west breasts. They’ll give you the lift and shape you’re looking for and also help your boobs stay closer together. They’re also super versatile. You can’t go wrong with a classic T-shirt bra for your east west breasts. Innovative bra companies like Lulalu have also remixed the classic with bras like:

  • The Alysa Bra that features adorable ruching, super soft fabric, and removable pads. 

Find Your Perfect Fit With Lulalu

It’s already tricky to find the right bra for you, and we know it can be even more difficult if you have east west breasts. But once you know your breast shape, it’s much easier to determine which type of bra will fit you the best and provide you with the most comfort. 

Once you’ve identified your breast shape, it makes it that much easier to find the best fit for your breast size. But whatever your shape, if you have an A cup you most likely have a more difficult journey ahead of you if you’re looking for the perfect fit. 

From overly padded bras to fewer style options, it can be hard to find a bra you like, even if you find one that fits. We at Lulalu want to change that. We know that not all A cups are the same and deserve to be shown more love (and support).

That’s why we create bras that are tailor-made for you using extensive research, design, and testing processes. Plus, we test all of our designs on A cup models before releasing them to make sure they work on real bodies. So say goodby to generic, badly fitting bras and check out our specialty bras today!


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