Smallest Bra Sizes

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be You

Confidence starts from within.

With Lulalu, that means being able to rely on your intimates. Power doesn’t only come from the boardroom. It can start each day, every morning, from your own bedroom. We know that small chests can be found on all different body types and frames—that’s why Lulalu makes bra sizes that no one else does. As your first layer of daily armor, you should feel emboldened and secure from the start. By beginning with a bra that imbues confidence, you introduce positivity that will spread into every other avenue of your life. We are here to help women finally discover the bra that moves with, fits, and supports the female figure. Gone are the days of having to choose between having an unseemly gap or a lackluster, muted bra. Lulalu aims to provide an array of designs as vast as the tastes and body types of the women we service.

It’s time to feel as beautiful as you look.

More so than any other item of clothing, intimate apparel designs that truly fit individual body shapes is an art form—one that Lulalu has perfected. Benefit from our research and hard work to uncover the size and style that was made for you. The perfect bra exists, even for women with smaller chests. And we certainly have just the one for you—from maximal to minimal support and basics to bolds.

Welcome to Lulalu, where you weren’t made to fit the bra; the bra was made to fit you.

Lulalu Was Crafted for You

“What’s the smallest bra size” is not the only question of significance at Lulalu, because we know that an optimal fit is made by more than mere measurements. At Lulalu, we guarantee that our intimate apparel is of the highest-quality material and designs. That means taking care from each strap, to each cup, and band, since comfort is a core value of our brand. Not only has every feature of your intimate been constructed to flatter the female form while performing its essential function of support, but also to empower your beauty.

As a closet staple, you deserve a bra that seamlessly fits your every curve and shape. Every movement should be unhindered by your bra, because that level of unconditional support is what women need from their intimates. And Lulalu knows that the best bra is one that you barely notice throughout the day and night.

The typical bra should not be felt nor seen.

No more slipping straps, pinching bands, or empty cups. Moreover, remember that the style and shape you choose will impact how your bra fits and feels. Search for your perfect pick and never look back.

It’s time to receive the comfort and support that every woman deserves.

One Small Does Not Fit All

While we know that bra sizes run one way down the alphabet, Lulalu aims to include the lovely ladies with cup sizes heading the opposite direction (AAA, AA, and A). For the women who have asked what is the smallest bra size and sought out the smallest cup size, we heard you. And, now, we aim to address the need for more diversity in smaller bust bras.

Why should you have fewer choices?

At Lulalu, we know that the smallest bra cup size does not mean the least amount of support or material. Nor do smaller busts call for bare minimum effort. Instead of modifying measurements of larger sizes without accommodating for differences in build, Lulalu modeled each of our designs with you specifically at the forefront.

With fifteen different sizes, Lulalu was established with the belief that petite chests deserve more than one or two options. From the smallest bra size to our largest, we designed each item with real bodies in mind. Whether you would prefer an everyday T-shirt bra, the subtle structure of a strapless, or the sultry assistance of a push-up bra, each of your movements will be supported without sacrificing aesthetic in the least.

Don’t be restricted by an underwhelming bra selection any longer.

Find the fit for your frame that makes you look amazing and feel even better, without compromising your standards. Lulalu was made to empower women with coverage and confidence, because it’s no longer a question of which—but a requirement for both.


What is the smallest cup size offered at Lulalu?

Lulalu makes cup sizes as small as AAA for band sizes 30-38.

How do I know that the band of the bra fits properly?

A properly fitting band should not dig into your back or ride up. Additionally, your breast tissue should neither spill over the back band nor should the bridge joining your cups be pulled outwards away from your body.

How do I know that the straps of the bra fit properly?

Shoulder straps should not be digging into your skin nor should they be falling off of your shoulders.

How do I know that the cups of the bra fit properly?

Your breast tissue should not bulge over the tops, the underwire should not dig into your skin, nor should the cups fold at the seam. A proper fit should not have empty space or be gapping.

Am I the same bra size in every bra?

No. While you might have a size that generally fits you well, your sizing could vary depending on the style and brand. Keep this in mind especially when searching for a daily bra. There’s definitely a style out there that will fit you best.

If I’m not the same size in every bra, how should I order accurately?

Find your perfect fit with our quiz. Lulalu also accepts returns in new-condition with tags on—up to 30 days after purchase. So, feel free to order the two sizes you’re debating between and save the one that works for you.

How do I take care of my bra?

Machine washing can ruin the integrity of fabrics, particularly bras. Hand wash your intimates to ensure longevity.

What factors can cause my size to change?How often should I change my bras?

Bras that are properly taken care of can last several years. However, we advise you to measure your bra size at least twice a year. Puberty, pregnancy, menopause, fluctuations in weight, birth control, and more can lead to shifts in breast size.

Do smaller breasts even require the support of a bra?

While there may not be as much strain as larger sizes, there is still tissue that needs protection and support. With time, gravity affects breasts of all sizes as well. Beyond that, bras do not solely exist for that reason. Bras may be more comfortable for some, provide needed coverage, or be used for an added boost.

Are push-up bras the only way to make breasts look larger?

Not necessarily. A hefty dose of padding is not the only answer to managing the appearance of your decolletage. Finding the bra size and style that’s right for your body type can give your breasts a natural push.

Why is there a gap when I wear my bra?

Your bra might not be the right size or style for you. Narrower body types would feel more comfortable in closer-set bras and vice versa for wide-set shapes. You want to make sure that the cups are supporting you appropriately, with proper placement and in a fitting cup size.

The cups of my bra fit perfectly, but the band is too tight. What size should I exchange this bra for?

Adjust for a smaller cup size and bigger band. So, for example, if you ordered a 30AA, then try a 32AAA.

The band of my bra fits perfectly, but the cups are too small. What size should I exchange this bra for?

Adjust for a bigger cup size and keep the same band. So, for example, if you ordered a 34AA, then try a 34A.

Why does owning a well-fitting bra matter?

An improperly-fitted bra can result in harm to breast tissue, poor posture, back pain, and discomfort in the neck and shoulders.